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Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Success!!! - March 17th, 2012
I sent a picture, SASE, LOR to Ms Lawrence on 2/10/12 and today (3/17/12) received my picture signed and dedicated to my wife for her birthday as I requested! No return address on envelope. Address used: Jennifer Lawrence PO Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 My wife was thrilled to receive this just before the movie comes out! I know there are some questions on if these are valid or not so Im open to hearing opinions on authenticity. I just know my wife is thrilled! - - -

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Jennifer Lawrence - February 18th, 2012
Sent: 3 pictures, LOR, SASE. January 28, 2012. Recieved: all my 3 pictures signed <img src= February 17, 2012. Address used: Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 USA Photos: ... 19bvo.jpg/ - Authenticity comments are welcomed! <img src=

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Jennifer Lawrence Success x4 Personalized!!!! - February 17th, 2012
got this today, SUPER-happy (die-hard hunger games fan ^^) and I believe theyre all authentic. sent: 4 photos, LOR, SASE to address on database on 27th January. Received: all photos personalized today. The envelope was not marked. - - - - -

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Jennifer Lawrence Success! - February 16th, 2012
I believe this one is legitimate. I sent her a LOR, 2 photos, and a SASE on Saturday, February 4th. But, on the back of my envelope, I wrote clearly "Note to secretary: If Jennifer cannot personally sign the enclosed photos, please return them unsigned. Thank you". Today, Wednesday, February 15th, I received both photos back, signed and personalized. I believe it is legitimate because 1, I would hope her secretary would respect my property that I sent to Jennifer, due to the note I wrote. o Secondly, the envelope I sent it in was not licked sealed. It just had the little tab thing sealing it on the back. If it was just a secretary signing them, they would probably have had the time to properly seal the envelope. Jennifer is busy, so I feel like she might have been rushing and not had time to lick it. Thirdly, in my name, Brian, she did not put a dot over the "i". Thats a sign of signing fast. Finally, her signature on these is very similar to others that are confirmed to be legitimate. One odd thing is that the postage was not canceled. I have no idea why. Address used: Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 USA Picture: -

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Jennifer Lawrence Success - February 15th, 2012
Sent on 2-5-12 Received on 2-14-12 Sent two 4x6 photos to the address in the database and got them signed and personalized. I know she is a weird signer so any opinions are welcome! My second Success ever!! Photo 1: ... 150429.jpg Photo 2: ... 150428.jpg Photo and envelope: ... 150430.jpg

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