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Jennifer Lawrence Success! Well- Stamped Success - December 12th, 2011
[size=150:Today I recieved the mail from Jennifer Lawrence :D ! I was soo happy then I saw that the two were same looking, so I suppose they're stamped :cry: :shock: . You can also decide for yourself too. Oh well! It was my first time sending to her too... Address Used: P.O. Box 6509. Louisville, KY 40206 Date Sent- December 5, 2011 Date Received- December 12,2011 Post marked from Louisville, KY 40206 Sent- 2 Photos, SASE, & LOR. Recieved- 2 photos signed Photo 1: Photo2: Envelope: [/size:

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Jennifer Lawrence Success, Authentic? - December 12th, 2011
Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10 to PO Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 on 12/5/2011 Received signed photo back on 12/12/2011 - - - The turn around was so fast. Authentic?

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Jennifer Lawrence - Rather Odd Success/Failure?!?! - December 10th, 2011
Well the odds werenít quite in my favor with this one. I received a ĎStampedí success/failure from Jennifer Lawrence. This time from her P.O. Box address. I sent to her at her Movie set address back in November and shortly after I heard that the film had already wrapped. So I wrote to her P.O. Box address in Louisville, KY just 5 days ago, yes, 5 days ago and today I received all my photos back stamped with her signature in silver. :? There certainly not autopens, because on the one, the ink didnít adhere, so someone, not sure if it was Jennifer or her assistant, filled it in with a black sharpie. :? Whatís really odd is Jennifer wrote ĎMay the odds be ever in your favorí on my custom card, but itís not signed! :lol: Or even stamped. Lol. But the handwriting matches that of the same quote on my success I got from her film set. So maybe since she saw I wrote twice, she signed the first ones authentic and stamped these. So not that upset since I did get my ones back authentic. :D SASE: - 4x6 Photos: - - 4x6 Custom card: - Sent: December 6th 2011 Replied: December 10th 2011 Days Taken: 5 Address Used: Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 USA RYAN-J 8)

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Jennifer Lawrence SUCCESS!!! Authenticity opinions wanted. - December 5th, 2011
Hi everyone!!! I must say, I was not expecting much from this when I sent for it but I am stocked. :) I sent to Jennifer Lawrence a heartfelt LOR, 4 pictures, and a SASE to this address: Jennifer Lawrence PO Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 Sent: 11/18/11 Received: 12/05/11 Here are scans (including the envelope) that is post parked from Louisville, Kentucky (where she is from): ... ncenew.jpg I received 2 photos inscribed (1 to me and one to my close-friend) and the other two signed. I sent to her twice to the Hunger Games and I was not convinced they were authentic. Well, not the ones I got because it was toward the end of filming when many were skeptical because signatures seemed rushed than previous ones. Anyways, I am a tiny bit skeptical only because of the auto pen success a few weeks ago. And some of the signatures looks fuzzy (but none seem identical to each other: good sign) so I think its just the way the marker looks. I wanted to ask for authenticity opinions. I appreciate any help. I have a idea that shes answering all her fan mail from the set of her latest film; all being forwarded to her fan mail address. What do you think? Thanks and thanks to!! I am super psyched for "The Hunger Games." I read the first book and loved it. ;) Sincerely, gghi18 :)

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Jennifer Lawrence Success x2 - December 3rd, 2011
Today I got a return from Jennifer Lawrence, she used my sase sent: November 15th, 2011 received: Today (Dec 3rd, 2011) address used Jennifer Lawrence PO Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 - - - - -

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