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Jennifer Lawrence "sec"cess? - June 21st, 2012
Sent: April 19th, 2012 (from Australia) Received: June 21st, 2012 Address used: Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 Hi all, jumping on the Jennifer Lawrence sec bandwagon. This is the first autograph request Ive ever sent out and I had zero expectations. Having read the forums, Im convinced this is a sec, but the only thing that gives me hope is that I recognise a fellow lefties smudge over the writing... - - Bit of a bummer as trying to co-ordinate International mail to catch her at another more sign-friendly time VV or IP is near impossible.

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Jennifer Lawrence Signature - June 15th, 2012
I got this today and i have tried to find out if its real but i kind of doubt it because it doesnt have the circle at the top of the J. If i dont get a reply on this im gonna take it to someone and if that doesnt workout ill just assume its not real which is reeeally sad because i almost had a heart attack when i got it. I will meet her someday though and get a real one if this doesnt workout haha. Plus shes been in prague and Los Angeles doing lots of movies plus she has catching fire. <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" /> <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" />\ Jennifer Lawrence PO Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 USA Pics:

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Jennifer Lawrence Success! - June 15th, 2012
Ok, so on June 12th I came home and I found the letter from her in the mail, but of course it didnt have a letter with it. Anyway, Ive been looking around and this doesnt look like any of the other secs, but I sent it to that address. Any authenticity thoughts? Please help! Date Sent: May 11th, 2012 Date Received: June 12th 2012 Time Took: About a month -

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Jennifer Lawrence success - June 7th, 2012
On April 4th 2012 I sent a picture and SAE to Jennifer Lawrence using the following address: Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 USA On May 29th 2012 I got my picture back signed in my SAE <img src= - - Any thoughts on authenticity? <img src=

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Jennifer Lawrence Success (SEC) - June 1st, 2012
Sent a SASE and 8x10 photo to her Kentucky address on 03/15/12, and recieved it back on 05/26/12. It doesnt match the in persons online, so I believe its a sec. I knew it would be before I opened it. I wish I would have waited and sent this to the set "Serena". It blew my mind that the envelope came back at all because the lady at the UPS store didnt use the correct postage for the return envelope. She stamped it with her machine, but it had a date so at midnight the postage shouldnt have been valid anymore. Crazy! The autograph is in the top left corner, they tried black and silver, and neither one show up very well, next time Ill think twice about sending a black and white photo. Here is the picture: - Here is the envelope: - Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206

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