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Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) - Success - August 26th, 2011
(8) Personalized Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) Mailed: 6/20/11 (3 - 8½x11) (1 Month Turnaround) Received: 7/23/11 Personalized All 3 Pictures, One of them to a friend I hate the initial successes but Ill take what I can get from a animation genius. Was nice enough to personalized everything. Also I heard people getting PP of there favorite character, guess I should have mentioned my favorite character. Either way I am happy. Seth MacFarlane "Family Guy Studio" Fox Television Animation 5700 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 325 Los Angeles, CA 90036 - By ###:// at 2011-08-25 - By ###:// at 2011-08-25

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Seth MacFarlane - July 25th, 2011
I sent a LOR, 2 DVD inserts and SASE. He sent both signed, one for my husband and the other for me. He also sent a Brian sketch photo signed to me and my husband, which was neat because I didnt think he would send anything else because I sent the DVD inserts in a 6x8 envelope. The Brian picture was on a letter size paper, he folded it in half so there is a crease mark in the middle, but it doesnt matter because it was a neat surprise. Sent: June 6, 2011 Received: July 25, 2011 I used the addy (sorry no envelope): Seth MacFarlane Fox Television Animation 5700 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 325 Los Angeles, CA 90036 Picture 1: ... lane2.jpg/ Picture 2: ... lane3.jpg/ Picture 3: ... rlane.jpg/

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Seth MacFarlane success!!! - July 24th, 2011
Just got my hand drawn picture of Roger from American dad. Number 21 of 300 and signed by Seth!! By far my best success!! Took about 3 months. Sorry no pic, scanner is acting weird. Used address in database. I know if I put a pic I'll be in the drawing, not to worried.

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Seth MacFarlane Success - July 23rd, 2011
I sent out a LOR and a SASE a month ago and today I got this back! I told him ROGER was my charcter of his and he sent me this. WAY COOL!!! Seth MacFarlane Family Guy Studios 10201 WEST PICO BLVD. LOS ANGELES,CA. 90064 - -

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seth macfarlane success!!!!!! - July 23rd, 2011
i sent an index card,sase and lor + a pic of my tat of naked peter griffin to seth at the fox studio addy in data base..within a month i recieved my card back initialed and the usual pp inscribed to me(of my fave character peter)...i know it might be a sec. but its also possible that this fool knows that SOME people are just wantin to make money and sell what they get for free..and that a card that says just s.m. is worthless unless ur a TRUE fan and all you want is for your hero to pen even a few squiggles on paper for you.ya never know cause the initials that ive seen look very similar to his actual full sig..anyways heres a pic of what i got back ;) im just happy i got somethin back..when i saw the stamp on my envelope that read family guy studios i almost flipped.this is one of the most talented,twisted,funny guys ive ever had the pleasure of writing..long live family guy!!also heres a pic of my tat..keep in mind its not finished by any means :roll: ... re12q.jpg/

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