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Sent a LOR and PIC to Billy Crystal on the 22 July 2015 and received my picture back signed and personalised today! Picture: Can anyone to tell me if it's real or not? It's most likely to be real if it's personalised?

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Billy Crystal Success!! - August 18th, 2015
Sent a SASE, LOR and two photos to Billy at a private address on 7/31 and received both photos signed today (8/17)!! Even though I used a private address, the return address is from the Face Productions address. I believe it to be authentic as it is certainly not an AP or PP. I guess it could be sec, but I believe it's authentic! Thank you Billy and Fanmail!!

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Billy Crystal Success (authentic?) - July 29th, 2015
On 6.22.15 I sent LOR, SASE, & photo to his home address. On 7.29.15 I received my photo signed. I've seen some posts that fanmail is being forwarded from the home address. It doesn't appear to be autopen though.

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Billy Crystal TTM success - July 28th, 2015
Billy Crystal Face Productions 335 North Maple Drive Suite 135 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA Sent 6-18-15 Rec: 7-28-15 I sent Billy a LOR, a SASE and this picture of him and Robin. I miss how they played off each other. Billy was nice enough to personalize and sign the picture for me.

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Billy Crystal Success???? - July 27th, 2015
I sent a sase and picture to Billy Crystal to his home address . And sorry but I can't give you the home address , it's not hard to find at all . But anyway I have slight doubts it might be an autopen because on the return envelope it has the new address for face productions which could hint that he has packages from fans redirected to the new face productions address and they autopenned it. Sorry no scanner but if you'd like to see the picture my Pic I will gladly send it to you on Facebook , my Facebook is Kenneth Thomas Jr. Or you can comment your Facebook and I'll message you the photo . I could use help determining if it's autopenned

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