How Via-Venue works?

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How Via-Venue works?

Post by Chris102 »

Could someone tell me how Via-Venue works?
If I sent a photo to a theater where a celebrity is speaking, would there be any chance I would get a response?
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Post by nowandagain »

Hi CDolan02

Via venue relates to a temporary address where a celebrity may be working or performing (e.g. a movie set, theatre, concert venue.) These addresses may only be valid for a short period of time.

What you do is you send a letter to the specific celebrity you wish to write to within the time frame that the address will be valid for (e.g. for a movie set or theatre, some time during their shooting or run, for a concert a few days before the performance is to take place.)

Hopefully, whomever sorts the mail at the location will be able to forward your letter to the relevant person you're writing to.

I would recommend sending something for them to sign, as in many cases the celebrity will not have any photos to sign themselves (as this is only a temporary location.) You must also not forget to include a SASE (or SAE & IRC's) so you can receive something back.

So, for example you want to send something to a theatre for a celebrity to sign. The letter you send will be forwarded to them, and during a free moment they may read through your letter and sign something if you send something to them. There would definitely be a chance of response (sometimes quicker than if you sent it via their agent) if you also send them a SASE for a quick return of your item.

All the best. Good luck with your collecting :D

nowandagain [rockon]

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