Enrique Iglesias Success.

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Enrique Iglesias Success.

Post by jayeshgadia »

Wrote to Enrique a few times but without much success but finally i got one today in the mail. I don't know which of my request sent in the past worked but i guess one of them did. I always sent two - three pictures and a SASE with a $5 dollar enclosed for postage. I got my own envelope back and they returned the $5 too. One thing which i found a little surprising was on my SASE i had written the return address as red management, Los Angeles address which was cancelled by pen before sending it back to me so i really dont know if they forwarded it to anyone else as their address was cancelled by pen as the return address and no other address was mentioned from where the envelope came from.

enclosing the signed picture. its got smudged in one place as someone's finger touched the wet ink i guess but its still ok as most of the signature is intact. its also personalised to my name with is great too. i have checked with some other signatures on the net and it does match quite a few.

http://surfmypictures.com/image/27db3a4 ... xdro4.html

any views if anyone has his in person signature or by TTM. looks alright to me but views most welcome. In any case very happy with this success and its been a two year plus follow up.

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Re: Enrique Iglesias Success.

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Hi jayeshgadia :)

Thank you for your feedback {up}

When did you receive it please?

Would you have a scan of the envelope you received?
If so, you are in the run for the $10 gift certificate.

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