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How do I write to my favorite actor?

How do I write to my favorite actor?
by admin » Wed Jun 01, 2005 8:13 pm
- Address your request to the attention of the actor, care of the studio that carries the show.

- The key to writing an actor and getting a response is "convenience". Make it easy for them to respond to you and they will.

- The second best tip is to write the actor when the show is new, and in its infancy. It's then that actors are more excited about their stardom, and more intrigued by their fans. For the first year, or so, the studio is usually paying for the actors black & white photos (for publicity), and you are more likely to get your autograph.

- Since actors usually have help with their mail, the chances of your getting a quick response are greater if you just send an 8" x 10" SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) and request an autographed photo, instead of sending a precious photo, collectible or thingy. "Thingies" have to be forwarded on to the actor, or a meeting has to be scheduled for the signing of them. This takes time, if it ever happens, and results in delay, delay, more delay, and possibly a lost and irretrievable, thingy.

- If you have submitted an index card, photograph, or "thingy" for the actor to autograph, it helps if you put your name and address on the back. If it is separated or falls out of the envelope, the actor can still get it back to you. If you have submitted a collector card, put the number of the collector card on the envelope with your return address.

- Avoid commenting on the history or the drama of the show in your letter, and get straight to the point. Any actor who has been on a series already knows the history and the drama of their show, and while it may be very exciting to you, they have heard it all a thousand times by now. Besides, they only have time to skim through the letters, not to actually read each individual one.

- Limit your letter to one page. State what you want in as few words as possible. If all you want is an autograph, then say so. A thesis is a bit much for someone who has little or no time to read it.

- Print neatly or type. If the actor can't read your letter, then the post office probably can't read the return address on your SASE either. Before you blame the actor for not responding, you should check your handwriting.

- It is considered acceptable if you briefly comment on yourself, your age, your interests, your career, your beliefs, the landscape of your country, OR whatever else makes you interesting to read about. Actors also like to hear educated, constructive critiques of the show or their performance.

- Don't expect the actor to pay the return postage. ALWAYS enclose an SASE (Self- Addressed Stamped Envelope) along with your request for an autograph. Stamp it with more than proper postage. If you hear in the news that postage stamps are going to go up within 6-8 months, add more postage. Your mail may be returned to you after the increase in postage has taken place.

- The U.S. Postal Service does not accept foreign postage.

- Do not place Scotch tape over your postage. The U.S. Postal Service will not mail it that way.

- Don't try tricks to get multiple autographs like, "I'll send it with no name on it." or "I'll use 2 different addresses." Most actors can see those coming a mile away.

- Limit your requests for autographed items to one (two at most). If you submit multiple requests, you are being hopeful, but not being considerate of the actors time - or of others who are writing in for the same thing. Many actors will autograph one item, and send the rest back unsigned.

- Don't send requests for other actor's autographs to one actor on a show. Send your requests individually, one to each of the actors you are interested in. If you expect an actor to get someone else's autograph for you, you'll be waiting for a very long time.

- If you are sending International Postage Coupons from overseas, send enough to get your mail back. Better safe than sorry. Those coupons are worth about .80 cents in the U.S. It takes 2-3 coupons to get something to Canada and 3-4 coupons to get something to Europe. One coupon covers the mailing of a postcard, or small letter for both Canada and Europe. This is the one area that causes the most trouble, and takes the most time.

- Make sure the International Postal Coupons have been stamped by your postal service. It is a circular stamp that has the DATE OF PURCHASE. Unstamped coupons are worthless here in the U.S., and for that reason, your mail will not be returned to you.

- If you live overseas or in Canada, it is really best if you can get your hands on some U.S. postage through the assistance of a friend in the U.S., or a postal service. This saves the actor from standing in line to cash those International Postal Coupons in for stamps.

- Stick your return postage stamps to the return envelope (SASE). Don't expect the actor to do it for you. Besides, postage stamps are small enough to get lost in the shuffle.

- Insert a card to protect your photo from being bent both going and coming back to you. You can use everything from cut-up cereal boxes to file folders. Just about anything will work, but don't forget to add postage for the additional weight of the insert.

- It's best not to use those large envelopes that have metal clasps on them. The photo rubs on it during mailing, and is damaged when it arrives. Self-adhesive envelopes are recommended.

- Keep your autographed items down to a reasonable size. Huge framed items and bulky packages are very difficult to transport from studio to home, and from home to post office. Inevitably the actor will have to stand in line because it won't fit in a regular post office box. And, if it is sent to a P.O. Box, the actor will have to stand in line to pick it up since it will be too large to put in the P.O. Box. Inconvenience causes delay.

- On that same note, don't send anything that is not important to the ACTOR by "registered mail" or "return receipt requested". If it's that important to you, don't mail it. Wait until that special day when you see them and have a chance for them to sign it.

- Don't assume that the actor has gotten your mail, or your precious collectible, and didn't respond. Actors mail is often mixed up and delivered wrong. Some are even empty when received.

- Don't enclose a bulky autograph pen that has to be twisted, shaken, and stirred - to be used for one second. Actors have autograph pens coming out of their nostrils.

- If you don't get a response within 6 - 8 months of sending your request, try again. Something could have happened to your letter.

- If you plan to move, don't send an autograph request until you are settled in. Your forwarding address may have expired by the time your autograph is returned to you. If you have moved, try again.

- And, finally, double check your mail before sending it. Is it addressed to the right actor at the correct studio? Do you have a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed with more than enough U.S. postage? Is the envelope addressed back to you? Is it stamped with the proper postage? The actor will not be checking these things for you.

Original Thread by Jasonw:


Dear (fill in),
Hello, my name is (fill in). I am a fan of you from (fill in) and I am writing to ask for your autograph.
Thank you very much!
(fill in)


親愛的(fill in),
你好,我的名字是(fill in).我是你的忠實影/歌迷,來自(fill in).請問你可給我簽名嗎??



a) TV/ Movie stars request-

Vazeny pane (fill in male name here), OR Vazena pani (fill in female name here),
jmenuji se (your name). Videl jsem Vas ve filmu (insert movie name here) and moc se mi libil. Moc rad bych touto cestou ziskal Vas autogram.

Mnohokrat Vam dekuji!
S pozdravem,

(your name again)

b) Footballers request-

Vazeny pane (fill in male name here),
jmenuji se (your name) a jsem z (insert your country). Jsem velky fanousek fotbalu a velky fanousek Vas! Moc rad bych touto cestou ziskal Vas autogram.

Mnohokrat Vam dekuji!
S pozdravem,

(your name again)



Je m'appelle (your name). Je suis fan de vous et je vous écris pour avoir une photo dédicacée. Par avance, merci beaucoup.

Affectueusement, (your name).


Sehr geehrter Herr (celeb name), -- if addressing a male
Sehr geehrte Frau (celeb name), -- if addressing a female

Mein Name ist (insert), ich bin ein Fan von Ihnen/dir ["Ihnen" is more polite, since you usually don't know the celebs personally. Use "Herr/Frau surname" when using this form (Herr=Mr. and Frau=Mrs.) With "dir" write down the first name. ] seit ... und schreibe Ihnen/dir, um nach einem Autogramm zu fragen.

Vielen Dank!

Let's assume you would write letters to Richard Gere and David Archuleta. Richard is much older. So here you'd write it this way:
Lieber Herr Gere,
mein Name ist ..., ich bin ein Fan von Ihnen seit ... und schreibe Ihnen, um nach einem Autogramm zu fragen.
Vielen Dank!

And here to David

Lieber David,
mein Name ist ..., ich bin ein Fan von dir seit ... und schreibe dir, um nach einem Autogramm zu fragen.
Vielen Dank!

"Sehr geehrter Herr <celebrity surname>, ..." when writing to a male celebrity or
"Sehr geehrte Frau <celebrity surname>, ..." when writing to a female celebrity.


For a male star from a male collector:

Caro (Celeb's Name),
Mi chiamo (Your Name). Sono un suo grandissimo fan e mi chiedevo se poteva gentilmente inviarmi il suo autografo.
Grazie mille!

For a female star from a male collector:

Cara (Celeb's Name),
Mi chiamo (Your Name). Sono un suo grandissimo fan e mi chiedevo se poteva gentilmente inviarmi il suo autografo.
Grazie mille!

For a male star from a female collector:

Caro (Celeb's Name),
Mi chiamo (Your Name). Sono una sua grandissima fan e mi chiedevo se poteva gentilmente inviarmi il suo autografo.
Grazie mille!

For a female star from a female collector:

Cara (Celeb's Name),
Mi chiamo (Your Name). Sono una sua grandissima fan e mi chiedevo se poteva gentilmente inviarmi il suo autografo.
Grazie mille!


Drogi(to man) / Droga(to woman) (fill in),
Nazywam sie (fill in). Jestem Twoim fanem z (fill in). Pisze do Ciebie, poniewaz chcialbym prosic o Twoj autograf.
Dziekuje bardzo!
(fill in)

When you are writing to an elderly:

Droga Pani (to woman) / Drogi Panie (to man) (celebrity's surname)!
Nazywam się (your name). Jestem Pani (to woman) / Pana (to man) fanem z (fill in). Piszę do Pani/Pana, ponieważ chciałabym (female collector) / chciałbym (male collector) poprosić o Pani/Pana autograf.
Dziękuję bardzo!
(Your signature)


Excelentíssimo/Excelentíssima* (fill in)
Olá, o meu nome é (fill with your name). Sou seu/sua** fã do (fill in) e estou a escrever para lhe pedir um autógrafo.
Muito obrigada!
(fill in)

*the first option is for a man and the second for a woman
** write seu if you are a boy; a girl should write sua.


Female writing to (fe)male star:
Draga*/Dragi** (celeb's name),
Moje ime je (your name).Sem vaša velika obaževalka (here you can write od leta ___) in pišem vam, ker bi vas rada prosila za vaš avtogram.
Najlepša hvala
(fill in)
* When star is a female
** When star is a male

Male writing to a (fe)male star:
Draga/Dragi (explained above) celeb's name
Moje ime je (your name).Sem vaš velik obaževalec (here you can write od leta ___) in pišem vam, ker bi vas rad prosil za vaš avtogram.
Najlepša hvala
(fill in)

Estimado sr/sra (mr/mrs depending if is a male or female) (the name of the star),
Mi nombre es (your name) y soy un fan suyo de (your country). Le escribo para pedirle un autógrafo.
Muchas gracias

(Your name)

PS: you can write "Atentamente" which will be yours sincerely in the place of "Muchas gracias" (it's more common).

Autograph Collecting For Beginners UK
by admin » Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:43 am
Posted by GeorgeStar

Autograph Collecting For Beginners UK [uk]

Hello There & Welcome To Fanmail.biz!

Autograph collecting can be very difficult, So I Have put together a little guide for members to follow.

Step 1: Pick a celebrity. . .

It can be anyone, but this guide is written for writing in and around the UK.

Step 2: Find their address. . .

This can be easily done by searching the database, after searching if you still have not found a address post a request in the request a celebrity address forum.

Step 3: Write Your Letter. . .

There isn't realy a guide to this, but don't be rude or you wont stand much chance of getting a reply.

Step 4: Address a envelope to them. . .

Write the celebritys address on a envelope with a stamp.

[Q] What Postage Do I put?

[A] There are many different options and it depends on which you prefer, Quick Delivery (1st Class) Slightly Slower (2nd Class) Signed For (Recorded Delivery).
Fill In This Form To Find Out What Options There Are:

You Should Now Have A Envelope Like This. . .


*-*Please Note This Is Just A Example*-*

Step 5: Return Envelope & Postage (SASE)

If you expect a reply you should include return postage because some celebritys may not reply unless return postage is supplied. You can do this very easily, take a envelope and address it to yourself, follow the steps in Step 4 to find out the postage you need, and in the style of Blue Peter, heres one I made earlier. . .


*-*Please Note This Is Just A Example*-*

Step 6: Sending

You Are Now Ready To Send Your Request, Put Your Letter And Envelope Addressed To You (SASE) Into The Envelope Addressed To The Celebrity and Seal. You are Now Ready To Post, Go To A Post Box and Send.

Step 7: The Hard Bit

The Hard Bit Is Waiting, Remember The Key To Collecting Is Patience, Some Replys May Be Quick and Some May Be Slow, Thats The Whole Excitement.

Thank You For Reading My Guide and I Hope It Helps, Any Questions Just Ask.

Re: How do I write to my favorite actor? Translations Also
by Selise » Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:18 pm
How long should I wait before I re-send?

The average wait time is 3 or 4 months. If you do not receive a response after 4 months, try again! You can try a different address, (perhaps the celeb changed agencies), or try a venue (temporary) address.

Some successes are quicker, some are much longer. It all depends on the celebrity. Check the feedback section or type in the search bar and see the celebs signing habits and average wait time.