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Hi Ricky,

Back in the day (few years back now) I didn’t have the time nor the day to watch anything you appeared on in front of my tv. I couldn’t stand you, I thought you was tasteless.
But then I watched ‘Afterlife’ I was mesmerised, amazed and I seen something extraordinary. The series had shown something I could relate to, this was grief, but at the same time just how good and talented you really was.
I then watched the series ‘Derek’, I went further back to ‘extras’ and I fell in love with your no nonsense humour! Basically I judged you before I knew you and I judged how good a screen writer and comedian you really are. Your new stand up on Netflix is truly amazing and I think your look on life is just how ‘we’ (the none woke) can relate to.
Keep doing the good and thank you for your brilliance Mr Gervais 👍🏻

Many thanks
Lee Taylor

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