Peter Weller - Success Via Venue

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Peter Weller - Success Via Venue

Post by B_le_B »

As a huge Peter Weller Fan, but also a Nintendo-Fan,
it is a such great honor for me to have received various Nintendo flyers
and a Batman Photo signed by Peter Weller {??} !! :D :D

I am incredibly happy with his signatures and dedications !!

Send 03.08.2020 {up}
Back 28.09.2020 [ugotmail]

Via Venue:
Peter Weller
"MacGyver - Season 5"
CBS Television Studios
1144 Mailing Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30315
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Re: Peter Weller - Success Via Venue

Post by northwellguy »

Not even close to his real signature
100% fake
Whoever signed it is laughing right now
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