James Caan success!!!

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James Caan success!!!

Post by BritinStuggi »

Hi All,

I wrote to James Caan in 2015 and received an answer last week!!!
The photo with Robert Duvall had already been signed by him, and as I had other photos, I thought I could try to get Caan to sign and would accept the loss if not.
Really happy with the result - also with the extra note he put on my letter (if he did indeed sign everything!! - who knows?).
The address used was the Rogers and Cowan one from the database.

Comments on originality are welcome. Cheers!

http://surfmypictures.com/image/25a9b7d ... zowkl.html
http://surfmypictures.com/image/25a9b7d ... waqf2.html
http://surfmypictures.com/image/25a9b7d ... 37t1a.html
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Re: James Caan success!!!

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Hi BritinStuggi :)

Welcome to Fanmail.biz :mrgreen: and Thank you for your feedback {up} Great Success :P

You have been added to the list for the $10 gift certificate.

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Re: James Caan success!!!

Post by mjn »

ur lucky I got pp last time congrats

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