Lindy McDaniel Baseball

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Lindy McDaniel Baseball

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Lyndall Dale McDaniel, known as Lindy (born December 13, 1935) is a right-handed former relief pitcher in Major League Baseball who had a 21-year career from 1955 to 1975. During McDaniel's career he witnessed approximately 3,500 major league games (not including spring training), had more than 300 teammates, and played under eight different managers. He attended the University of Oklahoma and Abilene Christian College, then played with the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and San Francisco Giants, all of the National League, and the New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals, both of the American League. McDaniel won Fireman of the Year honors in 1960 and 1963. He also led the National League in relief pitching in 1959, but that was the year before the first Fireman of the Year award was presented.

Win–loss record 141–119
Earned run average 3.45
Strikeouts 1,361
Saves 172

St. Louis Cardinals (1955–1962)
Chicago Cubs (1963–1965)
San Francisco Giants (1966–1968)
New York Yankees (1968–1973)
Kansas City Royals (1974–1975)

Sent him 2 photos on 26 Sep and got them back signed on 16 Oct. With the photos he also sent a price list saying he charges $5 per item signed (donation) and that the money goes to him so he can do things for kids, military, and others whom he does not charge for signing. I did send him back $10.. He also included a little photo with his stats printed on it that he signed. He does offer colored 8X10s of himself with the Yankees, Cubs, Giants, or Cardinals for $15 that he supplies..

Mr Lindy McDaniel
8225 Chapel Lane
Lavon, TX 75166
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Re: Lindy McDaniel Baseball

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Hi caappy :)

Thank you for your feedback {up}

Would you have a scan of the envelope and picture you received please?
If so, you are in the run for the $10 gift certificate.

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