Lori Saunders failure

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Lori Saunders failure

Post by mponte »

Sent a LOR, a photo and SASE on 3/12/2014
Photo returned unsigned on 3/29/2014, with a card stating that purchases can be made on her website

Address used (from database):
Lori Saunders
P.O. Box 20310
Santa Barbara, CA 93120

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Re: Lori Saunders failure

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Hi mponte :)

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Re: Lori Saunders failure

Post by Fan Classic »

I bought a photo from her website weeks ago and I haven't gotten any correspondence about it and haven't gotten anything in the mail. I emailed the emailed address linked to the purchase and no response. If I don't hear anything back in the next couple of days I guess I'll have to open a dispute with PayPal to try to get my money back. I don't know if she's just not checking her website or purchases or what. The email address has her husband's name in it.
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Re: Lori Saunders failure

Post by classic fan »

I bought 2 photos from her website on April 23, 2024, and after a month of not receiving them, I opened a claim through PayPal for my refunds. In the beginning I did receive a few emails from someone (no name was ever given) stating that a shipment would occur a couple of weeks after purchase and that no tracking or shipping notice would be sent. Eventually, though, towards the end, I stopped receiving any emails at all. Very sad and disappointed. 😞

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