Peter Wilkinson: Letter to Michael Lewis

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Peter Wilkinson: Letter to Michael Lewis

Post by wilkpet25 »

October 18, 2021

Dear Mr. Lewis,

Hello! My name is Peter Wilkinson and I am a freshman at Pewaukee High School. I am currently in Mrs. Thoma’s honors English 9 class. As of now, we are reading our memoirs and I am reading your amazing book titled The Blind Side.

I think that the story of Michael Oher is inspiring in so many ways! I see Michaels hardships in so many different places throughout the book. You have portrayed Michael in an inspiring way that shows his true good nature. Michael was rough around the edges at the start of the book and was having a hard time in life; but he changed his ways with hard work and good role models to help support him.

I have been lucky in so many ways to have the opportunities that have been given to me by my mom and my dad. I don’t have to worry about who my dad is or what my mom is doing while I am away at school. This is what it was like in Michaels world. I believe that so many people in this world are not thankful for what they have. I was like that before I read this book. I would sometimes whine about having a lot of school work that I need to do or getting all riled up about when it is my turn to mow the lawn. You have done a great job showing me what it is like behind the curtain. You have opened everyone's eyes to the struggles of different peoples' lives.

As a reader, I always wonder the true struggles that the characters have to face. This book is an exception, it highlighted the turning points and hardships to truly show Michaels hard working and caring personality. This is inspiring to me. Michael shows his caring personality in many ways on the field and off the field. The most caring deed that Micael has done was playing and taking care of the kindergarteners to make them feel happy. This is an inspiring action that sheds light on his personality. I love how you spend time on this meaningful part of the book. This made Michael more likeable.

As a writer, you do an excellent job at emphasizing important points using dashes and other types of advanced punctuation. I feel that when I write I have a hard time showing that I am making a point. What you do with different types of punctuation, figurative language, and short sentences adds a lot to your book. This will help me a lot in the future when I am writing.

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me! I hope to hear back from you, and it would be great if you were available to speak in an online meeting with my class. Thank you again for sharing this story! You can write me back at my email address, (


Peter Wilkinson