Autograph Successes!!!

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Autograph Successes!!!

Post by debbieann1214 »

OMG I am new to all this autograph requests and I want to thank you for setting up this page. it made it so easy. So I have sent out over 200 requests since August, 2019. This is my success so far.
Dwayne Johnson (the top one I wanted.....hehe)--sent back the pic I sent without signing
The Backstreet Boys
Milla Jovowich--signed the picture I sent and sent another
Margot Robbie-signed the picture I sent.
CHristine Feehan----signed the picture I sent and sent other stuff.
Amy Adams--did not sign the picture I sent but I got an autographed picture

From Celebrity Merchandise I got Emily Deschanel, Vince Vaughn, Ashton Kutcher

I'll keep you all posted as more comes in. Thank you so much.
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Re: Autograph Successes!!!

Post by admin »

Hi debbieann1214 :)

Welcome to :mrgreen:

Please post one feedback per thread :) Thanks {up}

Do not forget to include the celebrity's name, the address, and the sent & received dates.

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Re: Autograph Successes!!!

Post by northwellguy »

Without seeing any pics or evidence...
Sorry to burst your bubble BUT...
Guaranteed 100% Dwayne Johnson is SFM, so a reprint or autopen
Robbie and Adams definitely 100% autopen as they do nothing else TTM
No way all the Backstreet Boys signed anything so fake for sure
Jovovich is probably autopen and SFM but I can't be sure but very likely
Feehan could be real but even that is 50/50
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Re: Autograph Successes!!!

Post by Mimi92 »

Yes you got APs (Autopens) or PP (Preprints)

SFM sends out PP
Spanky Taylor sends out AP

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