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2 Celebrities! / 3 Successes! / 4 Autographs!

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 6:37 am
by CosplayMagician
Robert Axelrod Success x2!

Success #1: An 8x10 Photo of Wizardmon autographed and personalized by his Voice Actor Robert Axelrod.
The Photo was provided by Robert himself.

Autograph Request sent: 8/26/14

Autograph Recieved: 9/6/14

Success #2: Two identical mint Wizardmon Trading Cards of mine that I sent in. One is a 1st Edition Trading Card and the other is a non 1st Edition Trading Card.

Autographed Cards Request sent: 9/25/14

Autographed Cards Recieved: 10/3/14

Warwick Davis Success!

Success!: An 8x10 Photo of the Leprechaun w/COA autographed and personalized by Actor Warwick Davis.

Autograph Request sent: 9/8/14 through the Actor's Signature Shop site.

Autograph Recieved: 9/16/14 with COA.