Into the Blue (2005)

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Into the Blue (2005)

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Into the Blue (2005)


Release Dates
30th September 2005 (US)
13th October 2005 (Germany)
21st October 2005 (UK)
25th December 2005 (Sweden)

John Stockwell

Writing credits
Matt Johnson (written by)

Main Cast
Paul Walker .... Jared
Jessica Alba .... Sam
Scott Caan .... Bryce
Ashley Scott .... Amanda
Josh Brolin .... Bates
James Frain .... Reyes
Tyson Beckford .... Primo
Dwayne Adway .... Roy
Javon Frazer .... Danny
Chris Taloa .... Quinn
Peter R.V. Bowleg Jr. .... Jake
Clifford McIntosh .... Kash
Adam Collins .... Raolo
Gill Montie .... Big Dave
Dan Ballard .... Scuba Bob

Additional Info
Filming Dates: 15 January 2004 - 28 March 2004
Running Time: 110 min
Gross: $18,472,363 (USA) + £1,712,797 (UK)

* According to the GPS, the location of the wreck is at Latitude 24° 58' 250'' North and Longitude 77° 18' 596'', which is an island near the Bahamas.

* Due to US moral views, Sony Pictures digitally altered the theatrical trailer to give Jessica Alba a 'less revealing' bikini.

* This is the first film produced and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer under the Sony banner.

* According to director John Stockwell on the DVD commentary, a lot of the violent scenes were edited or digitally altered to secure the desired PG-13 rating.

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