The Aviator (2004)

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The Aviator (2004)

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The Aviator (2004)


Release Dates
14th December 2004 (New York - premiere)
17th December 2004 (Los Angeles - premiere)
19th December 2004 (London - premiere)
25th December 2004 (US)
6th January 2005 (UK)
20th January 2005 (Germany)
21st January 2005(Sweden)

Plot Summary - Spoiler Warning!
The movie is a biopic of the aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. It follows his life from the late 1920s through the 1940s, a time when Hughes was directing and producing Hollywood movies as well as test piloting his own groundbreaking new aircraft.

Hughes, orphaned at age 17, was the son of a Texan inventor, who left him most of his multi-million dollar tool company upon his death. At the time, he was a college student at Rice University. From there, he moved to Los Angeles to become a movie producer, helping fledgling actors launch their careers, such as Jean Harlow, whom he cast in Hell's Angels. He also produced Scarface. Later in his career, he branched out into other industries, such as electronics and most significantly, aviation. His company, Hughes Aircraft was responsible for the H-4 Hercules, nicknamed "Spruce Goose" by detractors. Hughes' mental deterioration with his obsessive-compulsive behavior is a major plot thread through the film.

The movie also details Hughes' romances with Ava Gardner and Katharine Hepburn, and his battles with Pan Am's Juan Trippe, who allegedly bribed Maine senator Owen Brewster into granting Pan Am a coercive monopoly on international registered air travel.

Directed by
Martin Scorsese

Produced by
Michael Mann
Charles Evans Jr.

Writing Credits
John Logan (written by)

Main Cast
Leonardo DiCaprio .... Howard Hughes
Cate Blanchett .... Katharine Hepburn
Kate Beckinsale .... Ava Gardner
John C. Reilly .... Noah Dietrich
Alec Baldwin .... Juan Trippe
Alan Alda .... Senator Ralph Owen Brewster
Ian Holm .... Professor Fitz
Danny Huston .... Jack Frye
Gwen Stefani .... Jean Harlow
Jude Law .... Errol Flynn
Adam Scott .... Johnny Meyer
Matt Ross .... Glenn Odekirk
Kelli Garner .... Faith Domergue
Frances Conroy .... Mrs. Hepburn
Brent Spiner .... Robert Gross
Stanley DeSantis .... Louis B. Mayer
Edward Herrmann .... Joseph Breen
Willem Dafoe .... Roland Sweet
Kenneth Welsh .... Dr. Hepburn
J.C. MacKenzie .... Ludlow

Additional Info
Filming Dates: 7 July 2003 - 14 November 2003
Budget: $116,000,000 (est.)
Gross: $102,593,534 (US) + £7,885,636 (UK) (sub-total)
Running time: 169 min.
Language: English
Memorable Quote(s):
"The way of the future" - Howard Hughes
"He owns Pan-Am. He owns the Congress. He owns the Civil Aeronautics Board. But he does not own the sky" - Howard Hughes (talking about Juan Trippe)

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