Scarface (1983)

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Scarface (1983)

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Scarface (1983)


Release Dates
1st December 1983 (New York City, New York)
9th March 1984 (West Germany)
23rd March 1984 (Sweden)
19th September 2003 (US Re-release)

Brian De Palma

Writing credits
Armitage Trail (novel)
Ben Hecht (1932 screenplay)
Howard Hawks (1932 screenplay)
Oliver Stone (screenplay)

Main Cast
Al Pacino .... Tony Montana
Steven Bauer .... Manny Ribera
Michelle Pfeiffer .... Elvira Hancock
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio .... Gina Montana
Robert Loggia .... Frank Lopez
Miriam Colon .... Mama Montana
F. Murray Abraham .... Omar Suarez
Paul Shenar .... Alejandro Sosa
Harris Yulin .... Mel Bernstein
Ángel Salazar .... Chi Chi
Arnaldo Santana .... Ernie
Pepe Serna .... Angel
Michael P. Moran .... Nick The Pig
Al Israel .... Hector The Toad
Dennis Holahan .... Jerry The Banker
Mark Margolis .... Alberto The Shadow
Michael Alldredge .... Sheffield
Ted Beniades .... Seidelbaum
Richard Belzer .... M.C. at Babylon Club
Paul Espel .... Luis

Additional Info
Running time: 170 min.
Language: English
Budget: $25,000,000 (estimate)
Memorable Quotes: "Say hello to my little friend!" - Tony Montana

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