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Comic Book Artists

Post by faceless105 » Mon Sep 10, 2018 11:42 am

I'm looking to reach out to a few comic book artists but I'm having a very hard time finding any contact information for most of them. Some seem to do conversions still, some don't, so I'm hoping I can just find a way to reach out to them. I only found two on here, and they didn't seem to have any semi-recent activity. I'm not sure if there's a trick to finding comic artists, but if anyone has any advice or can point me anywhere specific, I'd really appreciate it!

I'm looking for:

Rob Liefeld
Greg Capullo
Tony Daniel
Adam Pollina
Jim Cheung
Whilce Portacio
Jorge Lucas
Mike Allred
Clayton Crain
Mike Choi
Rock-He Kim
Jorge Molina
Jerome Opeña
Greg Tocchini
Phil Noto
Ron Garney
Adrian Alphona
Dalibor Talajic
Phil Briones

These are all the pencils for x-force and uncanny x-force, my favorite in the marvel universe

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