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my selena gomez sucess - March 20th, 2012
got my photo from Sel G yesterday, i dont think that its stamped either! the shine is different on the photo, then the ink. and it has many imperfections. I love it! I requested it in late October 2012, and revived it yesterday, 3/19/2012. i sent an email to { Email Address } with my name, address, and a nice message. I did not send her a photo or an envelope, and theres my image! ... 120320.jpg (photo) ... 03201f.jpg (envelope)

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Selena Gomez Success - March 20th, 2012
Yesterday I got my Selena Gomez autograph in the mail :) its a preprint but its a really nice photo. I sent an email to her Studio Fan Mail address in October and got it March 19, 2012. Photo: - Envelope:

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Selena Gomez Success - January 18th, 2012
Holy gravy! I dont know if this should go in In Person or TTM. I met Selena on New Years and gave her a scrapbook. Which later she tweeted about and mentioned my twitter name in her tweet. I was very happy The scrapbook was all hand man and had loads of pictures of her fans!! At the end of the scrapbook I added a self addressed envelope with 3 photos of Selena. hoping she will send them back to me. Today I got them in the mail!!!!! I got things signed for her in person and in the mail! WOW!!!! -

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Selena Gomez success - January 10th, 2012
Sent: Jan 03 and got it today! (Jan 10) - Germany. :D { Email Address } Someone know who put that "Happy Birthday.. " on the Picture? :) -

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Selena Gomez succes (studio fan mail) - January 7th, 2012
hey, I received today selenas autographe from studio fan mail: { Email Address } I sent the email:09/03/2011 I received the autographe prepaint:01/01/2012 -

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