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Feedback received for Samuel L. Jackson (page 1 of 2):

Samuel L. Jackson (e-mail) (PP) success - March 7th, 2019
Samuel L. Jackson (e-mail) (PP) success. Used email address: Sent - 23/02/2019 Received - 05/03/2019

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Samuel L. Jackson TTM Success - September 29th, 2018
I ordered a signed picture of Samuel L. Jackson from back on September 15 and received the photo on September 28. It is not an actual autograph but a stamped one. I still happy bc I didn't have to pay at all. I just gave them my name, email, and address. this is my first Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel signing. ... 7c1e0.html

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Samuel L. Jackson RTS - April 18th, 2016
Hi - I wrote to the secondary address in the database for actor Samuel L . Jackson and it came back as a return to sender . I wanted him for my "Star Wars" collection well maybe luck next time. Here is the address I used in the database you can cross it off...... Return to sender - Samuel L Jackson ICM Partners 10250 Constellation Blvd . 9th Floor Los Angeles , CA 90067- 6209 USA Return to sender - If you have another address that would be cool . He was one of my favorite characters in the prequel "Star Wars " movies .

Comment | View 4 comment(s) | Address reported as RTS The address has been reported as RTS (Return To Sender).
It means that the postal service has not been able to deliver the mail to the address
and that it has been returned to the sender.
Samuel L. Jackson success - April 10th, 2015
I sent in a request about a month ago requesting an auto on and received it today. It's a pre-print but it was free so still cool.

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Samuel L. Jackson success (PP) - January 25th, 2014
Sent 21.10.2013 Received 25.01.2014 - -

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