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Robert Downey Jr. SUCCESS - October 7th, 2019

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Robert Downey Jr. Success! - September 11th, 2019
Sent: 17/07/2019, SASE, LOR, 4 pictures Received: 11/09/2019, 4 signed pictures, 1 personalized Used address: Team Downey 1311 Abbot Kinney Venice, CA 90291-3739 USA It came back from The Spanky Taylor Company, so it is autopen, but I am very happy.

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Robert Downey Jr. - success! - July 24th, 2019
Hello everyone, I used the address: Robert Downey Jr. Team Downey 1311 Abbot Kinney Venice, CA 90291-3739 USA to sent letters and photos in May and got my photos back today! I asked if he could write my boyfriend's name on Iron Man's photo and he did it. I don't really care it's autopen or not, at least he (or Team Downey) autograph my photos and sent it back to me. I might have no chance to meet him face to face but I really feel so happy to receive his autograph. Thank you Mr. Downey and Team Downey! You are the best! the envelope?

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Robert Downey Jr. - success! - July 22nd, 2019
Hi! I used the address: Robert Downey Jr. Team Downey 1311 Abbot Kinney Venice, CA 90291-3739 USA Sent a letter, a photo, and a SASE in the end of April, and July 17th got my photo back signed! I am so happy! I know there's a slight chance this info could ever get to RDJ himself, but I hope that by some miracle it will: Thank you, Mr. Downey! You are the best!

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Robert Downey Jr. - SUCCESS!! Part II - July 2nd, 2019
[size=150So... Back in February, I sent a playing card autograph request to Robert Downey, Jr. via the "Team Downey" address in Fanmail. About three months later, I received a nice signed photo from the Spanky Taylor Company, which I posted here in fanmail. It was immediately pointed out that it was an autopen, which I honestly didn't care about one way or another. Another month passes, and today I got another envelope from the Spanky Taylor Company. I'm thinking it's another preprint or autopen sent in response to another request. Nope. It's the playing card (6 of hearts) that I had sent back in February, signed by Robert Downey, Jr. and inscribed "Proof Tony Stark has a heart". This is clearly NOT an autopen. I am absolutely stoked.[/size Uploaded with http://surfmypictures.comsurfmypicturesrl

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