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One Direction success!! - August 9th, 2012
Hey guys!! This autograph is definitely one of my favorites and its from..ONE DIRECTION!! it is from a little while ago (May 2012) but im pretty sure the address still works! I sent the letter in about January and got it on May 23. :) It is a picture of them and is signed by all five boys!! (Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall, & Liam) Address used: One Direction c/o Columbia Records 550 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022 Autograph: Good luck friends!!

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One Direction E-mail success - April 16th, 2012
Sent E-mail on February 3rd 2012 and received a signed photo back 16th April 2012. (I got the E-mail from a Friend) I also received a letter from someone saying thank you and stuff. I wont be giving out the e-mail, but on the letter it does say that once they are back from Touring, they will be responding to Fanmail via their agency, but Im not sure if that means through their record label or their Management. They have been known to send out signed cards from Modest Management. Picture: ... =153730502 Envelope: ... elope.jpg/ Letter:

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One Direction full success - March 20th, 2012
following my recent success and failure from 1D: viewtopic.php?t=241561 I sent a letter and SAE to One Direction on: 19th October 2011, and on the: 15th March 2012, I recieved this signed photo back signed by all of the members this time. :D address i used was: One Direction, c/o Modest Management, The Matrix Complex, 91, Peterborough Road, London SW6 3BU Here is the pic: - -

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One Direction success not full success - February 9th, 2012
I sent a letter and SAE to One Direction on: 31st October 2011, and today I recieved this signed photo back, however the photo wasnt signed by all of them. :( address I used was: One Direction, c/o Modest Management, The Matrix Complex, 91, Peterborough Road, London SW6 3BU Here are the pics: - -

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One Direction SUCCESS! - February 6th, 2012
Sorry for the late post. October 2011 - Sent x2 postcards, SAE & a Letter to: ONE DIRECTION, Modest Management The Matrix Complex 91 Peterborough Rd London SW6 3BU 2nd of Feb 2012 - Received x1 6x4 signed postcard (not the one I sent) from Birmingham. Envelope & signed photo - Front & back of the photo - ... igned.jpg/ I think theyre such a great band & love their album :) Great success {up}

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