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Maggie Q Success - January 2nd, 2019
sent: July 2018 recv'd: Jan 2019 Maggie Q on Nikita, Designated Survivor, Divergent, Mission Impossible, etc Sent SASE, LoR, and two 8x10 photos were signed Maggie Q c/o Dixie Studios 2365 Dixie Rd. Mississauga, ON Canada L4Y 0E6

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Maggie Q Success - September 8th, 2014
I sent a lor, sase and phote to Maggie Q Untitled Entertainment 350 S. Beverly Dr. Suite 200 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA I received this 8.29.14

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Maggie Q personalized success! - April 30th, 2013
I got this picture yesterday 29th of April. I sent mail and an IRC to actress Maggie Q around May 2012 to this address: Maggie Q Echelon Talent Management, Inc. 3674 Oxford Street Vancouver, BC V5K 1P3 Canada So happy about this success <img src=

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Maggie Q Success - April 17th, 2012
Hello, Im really excited about this success, Im a big fan of Nikita. I sent a LOR, 3 photos, a SAE and 2 dollars for postage. Sent: 3/12/2012 Recieved: 4/16/2012 Address Used: Maggie Q c/o Nikita No Longer Valid Canada Photo 1: ... qauto.jpg/ Photo 2: ... qauto.jpg/ Photo 3: ... qauto.jpg/ Envelope:

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Maggie Q Success! - April 16th, 2012
Maggie Q is the star of Nikita which I absolutely love that show; and I hope it doesnt get canceled. I lost all hope for this one because it was almost a year since I sent it. Plus the fact that I was newly getting into this hobby and I had no clue what I was doing (The fact I used US stamps on the envelope and not Canadian stamps. I guess someone fixed it for me. Hmmm fishy...). Nonetheless, it came right before my birthday! Talk about a great birthday present (: Sent: 4-25-11 Recieved: 4-16-12 LOR, SASE? Maybe I cant remember Address: Maggie Q Echelon Talent Management, Inc. 3674 Oxford Street Vancouver, BC V5K 1P3 Canada Picture: - Ill probably post the envelope later! I dont know if this is authentic but ive seen some photos on ebay that look simliar to mine. Then I have seen some that look completely different. Comments on authenticity are welcome!

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