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John Travolta Fast Success - December 20th, 2011
I sent LOR, SASE to: John Travolta PO BOX 3560 Santa Barbara, CA 93130 Sent request on Dec 6th, Received 2 photos signed back on Dec 19th. The photo was made out to me, using both my first and last name. I'm not wanting to post my entire name on this website (sorry) so I'm not uploading the photo. However, it matches the same Travolta in leather jacket black and white that another recent poster got. His signature with the check underneath his name matches the signatures others have posted. Photos and signature looks like the one this person got: viewtopic.php?t=234124 Now... I'm pretty aware of the fact that the majority of celebrities send out secs, pre-prints, or autopens. Just ask a celebrity (or better yet - their assistants) and they will tell you the majority of their colleagues do send fakes. Personally, I'd rather wait a year to hear back with an authentic rather than wait 2 weeks to get a fake. I have an In Person Authenticated John Travolta autograph, and it matches the one I just got back super fast in the mail. Very Peculiar, eh? It can't be an autopen, because one is made out to me with my full name, and the other is made out to my grandfather (The letter I included talked about how the one thing I have in common with my grandfather is that we both like Travolta's movies). Both photos each have a different message underneath them. To me - that eliminates auto pen. It's also clearly not a pre-print. So, either he IS signing authentics (which I would be impressed someone like him can do so many so quickly) or the person signing his photos has just gotten really good at it. Because the signature I have from 15 years ago in person (when I was a child) that he signed for me... matches up almost perfectly to his signature today. Regardless I'm happy with it and it was nice of whomever the read the note to include a second photo for my grandfather when I didn't ask for it. Happy Holidays!

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John Travolta SUCCESS - December 3rd, 2011
Mailed LOR to: John Travolta P.O. Box 3560 Santa Barbara CA 93130 USA Received 12/2/2011 -

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John Travolta Success - Very happy - November 29th, 2011
Sent a letter to John on 15 of November 2011 and received a different picture that iI sent signed and personalised on 29 of November 2011. Very happy he even sent me back the $2 I sent for postage. Envelope - Picture - Very happy I love him even more now.

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John Travolta Quick e-mail success - November 15th, 2011
Hi, Send a e-mail To John Travolta via Got back: a photo that everbody gets, signed and personlised (un neceseri To upload the photo and I threw away the envelope) Email send: Oct 20th 2011 Got back: nov 15th 2011 The return adress was the One in the database You can think What you want, But i think that thise are secs <img src= " title="Rolling Eyes" />

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John Travolta Success - November 14th, 2011
Today I received an autograph from John Travolta. I sent an email to his official website on 20th october. Its a sec but i dont care and its personalized <img src= Photo + Envelope: -

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