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Jim Valley Guitarist Paul Revere and the Raiders - October 9th, 2018
Jim Valley was born March 13, 1943 in Tacoma, Washington. Jim grew up in Seattle and at an early age fell in love with art music, song and dance. The fall of 1958 where Jim is a sophomore at Shoreline High School. He meets Al Berry , who will become the bands piano player, and also Bud Potter, whose folks will buy him an electric bass if Jim will teach him. No problem! After "playing" guitar for two months, Jim teaches Bud to play the bass. The band becomes The Viceroys and the following spring, play their first dance...earning $60... they had arrived. For the next four years, the Viceroys would become one of Seattle's most popular bands, playing school dances around the area. Then came the Raiders. The band was reported to be the first major band in history to tour with all members amplified, including sidemen such as horn players. When Levin left the group in 1966 to join the National Guard he was replaced by Jim Valley, another Northwest musician the Raiders had met during their days playing the Portland and Seattle music circuits. Valley was dubbed "Harpo" by the other Raiders due to a vague resemblance to the famous Marx brother. He left the Raiders and during 1975 Jim moved to San Diego where he began work on a musical play about the Children's Crusade of the twelfth century in France. He became the musical director as well as part of the ensemble. "It was the most incredible cooperative creative experience of my life," Jim reports. Later he established Rainbow Planet Songs near Seattle, WA. Sent him 2 photos on 14 Sep and got them back signed on 9 Oct. He signed them Jim Valley "Harpo" He is on the far left video Second from the right video Mr Jim Valley c/o Rainbow Planet Songs 5110 Cromwell Dr Gig Harbor, WA 98335

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