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Jennifer Lawrence - February 4th, 2014
Hello, in the last few days have indeed many get their autographs. I know its not original, but I already knew before I wrote this. When the amount of fan mail, not an original is probably to require autograph. Sent: 11/14/13 on: 02/03/14 -

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Jennifer Lawrence Success! - January 10th, 2014
Hey guys! I know Jennifer Lawrence doesnt usually do authentic autographs TTM, but I realized she was recently in town visiting. So it could in fact be one of the 5% that she actually signs .The autograph (on my hungers games copy) is a full name signature, unlike her rushed signatures. (and looks similar to other full names i have seen. In case your wondering on top it says "darn you gale" Is this accurate? Please only tell me if its secretarial if your 100% sure! please dont just write thats its secretarial before you even check. Thanks :) (bigger shot) Edit: upon further research, I actually think this May be real.I know she was in town during the time It was given back to me also (January 4th) and it looks like her other (full name) signatures unlike her rushed (Crowd) autographs. Anyone else think so? (Please dont tell me this thing is fake, unless you really know for sure.) :) - Uploaded with ###:// - Uploaded with ###:// Sent early December, received January 4th Address: P.O Box 6509 Louisville, Ky, 40206

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Jennifer Lawrence - January 9th, 2014
I hope that these autographs are authentic, not a sec. How do you think? Sent:17.10.2013 Rcvd: 09.01.2014 Total Time: 84 days address: Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 USA Scans of autograhs and envelope at my site: ... rance.html - Uploaded with ###:// - Uploaded with ###:// - Uploaded with ###://

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Jennifer Lawrence - January 8th, 2014
I am trying to start a hunger games collection, and I know lots of people say that the successes from Jennifer Lawrence are secs, but I sent to the address in the database anyway on the off chance a few months ago, and today I got this back and I am very happy with it, although it may or may not be a sec I have had a really bad year with autographs, the last one I recieved was in December 2012, and I was about ready for giving up on collecting as I was getting no where, so I was really happy when I got this through the mail today and it has convinced me to stick with it :) -

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Jennifer Lawrence success - December 8th, 2013
I sent Jennifer Lawrence this poster and received it back. Any thoughts on authincity? I used this address: Jennifer Lawrence P.O. Box 6509 Louisville, KY 40206 USA Picture: Uploaded with ###:// Uploaded with ###://

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