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Hilary Haag (American Voice Actor) Fast/Surprising Success! - March 25th, 2013
This was the other success I got in the mail today, and again I can not give out the address I used, so please dont ask. Im sorry! I was so shocked when I opened up my envelope to find what not only the 2 photographs Ive sent her but also a personalized note responding to my letter! Pictures of all are below. :) Hilary Haag as the voice of Rosette Christopher in the Chrno Crusade series. - Hilary Haag as the voice of Riku Harada in the D.N. Angel series (my favorite!) - Both of the autographed pictures along with the personal note from Miss Haag. She writes: "Dear Siera - Thank you for the kind letter! I love hearing that you enjoy my work. To answer your questions: Directors call me to audition for roles they think I may be a good voice for and yes. I usually do have fun but some characters are more challenging than others and it becomes "work." Im very lucky to get fun roles though. Thank you again! Hilary" - I feel so lucky to have gotten a note back from her! She is truly a very talented woman and I am so grateful for her taking the time to write me a note to answer my industry questions and to thank me for writing. :) So sweet! <3

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