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Feedback received for Hayley Atwell (page 1 of 9):

Hayley Atwell success - September 7th, 2018
I sent LOR, SASE and one picture to the following address on April 2018 and received it on July 2018 a different picture signed and mine empty! Do you think it's real? The address used was: Hayley Atwell Hamilton Hodell 20 Golden Square London W1F 9JL UK

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Hayley Atwell Kind Of Success - May 16th, 2018
So I sent off to Hayley Atwell on the 13th of September 2017 and received a response today, 16th of May 2018. However, I didn't receive the photo I sent back, instead one that looks like it was printed in Boots in April (it's printed on the back of the photo). I'm happy to have a response, but slightly confused, do you think there was a mix-up or something? Do you think it's worth sending out another letter? I'd really like to get a Peggy Carter photo signed. The address I used is the Hamilton Hodell, W1G 9JL, UK one from the database. Photo: ... iri9m.html

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Hayley Atwell success - November 22nd, 2017
Sent: 12/07/17 Received: 31/08/17 sent a LOR, SSAE, 10X8 PHOTO. wrote to Hayley at: HAMILTON HODELL, 20 GOLDEN SQUARE, LONDON W1F 9JL UK. i received a 4x6 photo of Hayley back signed, my own 10x8 was never sent back but no complaints as i am just happy to have one back

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Hayley Atwell Success - June 27th, 2017
Sent 3/30/17 Received 6/27/17 Sent LOR,SASE and 1 8x10 photo at the below address: Hayley Atwell c/o Hamilton Hodell 20 Golden Square London W1F 9JL United Kingdom Received her own 4x6 photo back signed. My photo didn't come back to me Uploaded with ###:// Uploaded with ###://

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Hayley Atwell strange success - June 21st, 2017
In March I sent to Hayley Atwell using the address in the database, I sent a LOR SASE and two photographs. Today I received a different photograph back, but judging from the text on the back it was something printed similar to what I had sent. I'm wondering if maybe I was sent someone else's by mistake. I'm thrilled to have anything at all but I had sent a photo with her and Chris Evans from the Captain America movie and was really hoping to get her signature on one with the both of them... debating on if I should try again as this doesn't seem like the type of photo sent out when celebrities provide their own -- opinions welcome.

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