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Feedback received for Gemma Arterton (page 4 of 7):

Gemma Arterton WORST "Success" I ever got. More like fail. - April 25th, 2013
I sent Gemma a LOR, SASE and two DVDs for signing on October 12, 2012 and today I got a reply. Now I normall am very happy with my success unless its a pre print I get sent and unsigned DVD covers returned to me. Gemma or whoever deals with her fan mail took it one step more. I got a tiny PP photos of her and my DVD covers were NOT included in the envelope! I was expecting a decade success from what Ive seen but looks like shes becoming to lazy to bother with fan mail now. I cant believe they sent me this crappy photograph and kept my DVD covers! WTF! I know I run a risk with sending them but everyone I have written to has just sent them back unsigned with a PP. Now my DVDs have no covers! Unless they appear from nowhere. Very pissed and annoyed at this and wont be sending Gemma ANYTHING again! She can kiss my arse! Photo: - Envelope: - The address I used was: (but I wouldnt bother now) Independent Talent Group Ltd. Oxford House 76 Oxford Street London W1D 1BS

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gemma arterton fail sort of - April 17th, 2013
sent 3 photos to the address in the database on here got back today 2 small pre printed photos so success sort of for pp and fail for no photos back

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Gemma Arterton Sucess - October 24th, 2012
Sent LOR, SASE and an 8x10 to address in database: Gemma Arterton, Independent talent group ltd, Oxford house, 76 Oxford street, London, W1D 1BS on 14/8/2012 and received on 4/10/2012. Autograph: - I would really value comments on Authenticity, as some people are saying that she may have recently changed to secretorial. Thanks

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Gemma Arterton success - October 18th, 2012 - sent 12.09.2012 received 18.10.2012 yay I am so happy. Ive sent S.A.E. , IRC, letter and a photo. Go this signed photo. I love her!

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Gemma Arterton success - October 9th, 2012
Sent: SASE, LOR, 4 photos 31.05.2012 Received: our 4 photos signed 05.10.2012 Address used: Gemma Arterton Independent Talent Group Ltd. Oxford House 76 Oxford Street London W1D 1BS UK - - - - -

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