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Colin Firth Success - April 12th, 2019
Sent 2 x 6x4 to Colin Firth, and received them today back signed. I used the address below. Colin Firth Independent Talent Group Ltd. 40 Whitfield Street London W1T 2RH Photo available here -

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Colin Firth success - March 6th, 2019
Colin Firth success I sent two 10x15 photos, a letter and an envelope with my address. I received my four autographed photos. I received one of the autographed photos. But it's not my photo. Maybe someone got my photos? Sent - 13/02/2019 Received - 05/03/2019 Address used: Colin Firth Independent Talent Group Ltd. 40 Whitfield Street London, W1T 2RH UK Sent - Received -

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Colin Firth - February 18th, 2019
Sent a photo and SASE to the following address and received a similar photo back signed Colin Firth Independent Talent Group Ltd. 40 Whitfield Street London, W1T 2RH UK Sent: 30/01/2019 Received: 11/02/2019

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Colin Firth Autograph - February 19th, 2018
Sent: 01.02. 2018 Photo 8x10 and SASE, received: 19.2.2018 signed photo 8x10. The curious thing was: he kept my color photo and sent me a black white signed photo - possibly it was pre-signed!? What do you think? I have used the Independent Talent Group Address. ... 2d26n.html

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Colin Firth Autograph - December 28th, 2017 ... duifl.html I did a digital illustration of Colin and Livia Firth last year and wanted to see about getting it signed. I spent about 40 hours on it! I found this address on this forum and had sent it last May (2016) to London, but it was never returned (although the delivery was signed for). Independent Talent Group Ltd. 40 Whitfield Street London W1T 2RH UK On September 29 (2017), I mailed it to my friend's place in London (I live in the US) and she in turn sent a SASE to the above address. On November 18, it was returned to her and she returned it to me. It looks like there's a bit more writing than typical--at least in comparison to other photos on this thread--which makes me super happy as all I asked for was to address it to me. It feels really special to have someone of his talent recognize your work and take the time to autograph it. I realize it may be secretarial, and you don't know for sure unless you are actually there in person to witness it, but I accept that it is authentic. In addition, I believe he was in London the week it was returned to my friend for a movie screening, so that's encouraging. Anyway, I wanted to post this in case it gave anyone else hope!

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