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CCH Pounder Success - November 15th, 2017
Sent: LOR, photo and SASE on 12/1/13 Received: Photo signed on 11/14/17 Address used: CCH Pounder Innovative Artists L.A. 1505 10th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401

CCH Pounder rts - February 22nd, 2017
hi everyone . I am a fan of CCH Pounder from her character in the movie "Robocop 3 " I actually love that movie . I found an address through searching but it did not work . So I was wondering if she ever signs through the mail. here is the address that did not work. Return to sender CCH Pounder C/o Richard Hoffman Warren Cowan & Associates PR 8899 Beverly Blvd #919 Los Angeles , CA 90048 USA Return to sender Do any of the stars from "Robocop 3 " sign . What about the one who played Robocop actor Robert John Burke ?

Comment | View 3 comment(s) | Address reported as RTS The address has been reported as RTS (Return To Sender).
It means that the postal service has not been able to deliver the mail to the address
and that it has been returned to the sender.
CCH Pounder Success! (Avatar & Warehouse 13) - April 1st, 2015
Sent: LOR, SASE, picture on March 9, 2015 Received: Picture signed in my SASE with a small note on folder on March 31, 2015 She signed it in ballpoint pen. Looks like she wrote: "Thank you! - CCH" on my folder I put it to prevent bending. Address: CCH Pounder "NCIS: New Orleans" (Until Apr 30 2015) Robert E Nims Center Studios 800-824 Distributors Row Suite 201 New Orleans, LA 70123 USA Pictures:

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CCH Pounder "Warehouse 13" Success! - June 4th, 2011
Hello. I sent a LOR and a SASE to CCH Pounder via the GEP Productions “Warehouse 13” season three address on 4/29/11 and received both of my 8x10 photos signed and personalized on 6/2/11. CCH Pounder "Warehouse 13 - Season 3" (Until Jul 21 2011) 8) GEP Productions Inc. 30 Booth Avenue Suite 200 Toronto, ON M4M 2M2 Canada The second darker photo didn’t turn out so well, but I’m very pleased with the lighter one. If you look very closely at the dark picture, you can see that she actually signed it twice. I didn’t notice it until my second thorough examination, but there is another signature at the bottom center over her white jacket in a very fine black ballpoint pen. I assume that she realized her autograph didn’t show up well, and resigned it in a blue sharpie. This proves to me that she really does care about her fans. On the other hand, this is why we collectors usually send two pictures, right? - - -

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