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Bud Spencer - Unbelievable Success. - October 22nd, 2016
I wrote to Mr Spencer mid April 2016 at the Smile Productions address in Italy and i presume being an international mail it would have reached him somewhere in May 2016. After his sad demise in June i was more or less sure I would now never have his autograph in my collection. After having given up today nearly 4 months after his demise i got my pictures signed in my mail box. When i open the envelope i just could not believe my eyes. i felt extremely sad too as probably this would have been among the last pictures the big man would have signed and maybe his office is clearing the pending mails. Below are the pictures of a man we all so immensely loved. RIP Mr Spencer you are still very fondly remembered. ... vvmcv.html ... 0ucwf.html ... yr5qp.html

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Bud Spencer, succes after he died - September 20th, 2016
Sent: march 16th 2016, 2 photos, letter and SASE June 27th 2016 Bud Spencer unfortunately died September 20th 2016, received my photos back signed. I got his autograph before, the autographs i received today look very similar. He must have signed them before his death and sent by his relatives, pity there was no note along with the photos. Happy indeed, with this story one of my biggest successes ever!! Ray

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Bud Spencer success - July 3rd, 2016
Three years ago I sent a letter, two photos and some Euros to Bud Spencer. Now, three years later and two weeks before he passed away I had a envelope with an italian stamp in my postbox. I couldn´t believe I get his signature after such a long time. A few days later we all get the sad news that Bud passed away. He was the hero of my childhood... I still love his movies. Rest in peace Bud!

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Bud Spencer Autograph - June 28th, 2016
Sent : 3rd December 2015 Received : 9th June 2016 I sent a LOR + SAE + IRC to BUD SPENCER Smile Production Srl. Viale Cortina D'Ampezzo 156 Roma 00135 Italy and received RIP Bud <img src= " title="Crying or Very sad" />

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BUD SPENCER - YES! I GET IT!!! - June 19th, 2016
Sent : 08/01/16 Received : 17/06/16 I sent a letter and a reply coupon to Bud Spencer BUD SPENCER Smile Production Srl. Viale Cortina D'Ampezzo 156 Roma 00135 Italy

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