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Feedback received for Bruce Kulick (page 1 of 3):

Bruce Kulick Success! - October 29th, 2020
Using this address 2505 Anthem Village Dr Suite E-481 Henderson, NV 89052 Sent 2 3x5 cards on 10-18-20 Recd only 1 back signed and inscribed 10-29-20

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KISS - Bruce Kulick - October 16th, 2020
Yesterday I received the autograph of [size=200 //"> selected by me. I use his private address. //">[/color

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Bruce Kulick Failure - RTS - August 26th, 2020
Wrote to Bruce Kulick on August 11, 2020, received this RTS back in the mail today, August 26, 2020. Really bummed about this one, as I’m a huge KISS fan. Address Used: Bruce Kulick 11684 Ventura Blvd. Suite 894 Studio City, CA 91604

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Bruce Kulick Success! - September 4th, 2015
Bruce Kulick 11684 Ventura Blvd. Suite 894 Studio City, CA 91604 Sent August 24, 2015 Received September 3, 2015 Sent Bruce 2 CD covers, SASE, and a very personal, heartfelt letter expressing how much I appreciate him and his music since I was little. I also said in my letter that if he prefers not to sign, is unable to sign, or if my request reached him at an address he doesn't want fan mail sent to, that's okay. Obviously he gets tons of mail, and I'm sure plenty of people misuse autograph requests to try and make money. So I get it. Received CD covers signed, and a letter from his assistant stating Bruce does NOT accept anything to be autographed, she urged him to NOT sign, and that I should have contacted her first to pay for it. I checked his website, and it does say that on the MERCHANDISE section, closer to the bottom of the page. However, I looked under Contact which is where most fans would look in order to attempt correspondence, and it's not listed there. I should have checked ALL pages, instead of just his contact page before I sent these. I'm lucky that Bruce DOES love us real fans enough to sign these anyway. He even personalized them. Very happy with this!!

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Bruce Kulick Success - March 21st, 2014
Sent two KISS albums (Asylum & Crazy Nights) to Bruce about a week ago and got them back today. Nice and quick! Looking for feedback regarding authenticity. I haven't gotten signatures from him before. Uploaded with ###:// Uploaded with ###://

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