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Feedback received for Bill Cosby (page 2 of 4):

Bill Cosby success - May 14th, 2013
Really happy to have gotten Bill Cosby! Not sure if its authentic? I hope it is, looks similar to the other ones people have gotten. The envelope I got back wasnt marked by the post office so I can basically reuse the stamp. I believe I sent this out 2 months ago Im not sure which address got the success because I tried a few. It might of been this one: Bill Cosby P.O. Box 4049 Santa Monica, CA 90411 -

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bill cosby rts - February 1st, 2013
On Jan 13 I sent mr cosby two pictures a letter and sase to the address in database. Yesterday I got my envelope back with the address blacked out and had rts written all over it

Comment | View 5 comment(s) | Address reported as RTS The address has been reported as RTS (Return To Sender).
It means that the postal service has not been able to deliver the mail to the address
and that it has been returned to the sender.
Bill Cosby - Success - December 4th, 2012
Bill Cosby Mailed: October 2011 (2) 8½x11 1 Year & 1 Month Turnaround Received: 11/15/12 Received Both Bach Autographed w/ Letter from Secretary stating that Mr. Cosby had signed the items. Used address in the database - -

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Bill Cosby Success - November 25th, 2012
Sent Bill a letter,2 photos,sae & some $$ for postage.Wrote to the address in the database.Received both photos back only 1 signed and a letter saying he only signs one item per request.Still happy with this return :D Took 1 year !! Sent..28.11.11 Received..26.11.12 Photo.. - Letter.. -

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Bill Cosby Success - November 22nd, 2012
hello everyone, i hope you are all doing well, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates it. back last year December 12/30/11 i believe it was. i sent a LOR, SASE & 1 Photo to comic legend Bill Cosby, i got it back this past Tuesday. 11/19/12 signed. it took some time and to be honest i kinda forgot about it. the only reason i knew it was old was because of the SASE, i use a new kind now and have been using them since like January of this year. i will up load the picture after thanksgiving, sorry i have been really busy. i used the address in this database. thanks and have a great week here is the address i used: Bill Cosby PO Box 4049 Santa Monica CA 90411 Best Wishes Sean Sjazz [us

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