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Betty White - December 5th, 2017
Hi everyone! Today I received a TTM reply from iconic actress Betty White! Of course, Betty is a legend that is best known for her role in The Golden Girls, however I mainly know her for The Proposal which is one of my favourite movies - the forest scene with Sandra Bullock has me in bits every time :lol:. She has had a remarkable career that has spanned 75 years and she's a true pioneer of TV and film! I sent 2 photos to Betty and she has kindly signed both, personalising one of them also! One of them has slightly smudged, but that's ok, its still readable and I still absolutely love it nonetheless! Date sent: Can't remember, sorry! Date received: 5th December 2017 Address Used: Betty White P.O. Box 491965 Los Angeles, CA 90049-8965 USA Picture: (Follow my Instagram if you want! Envelope: No picture, sorry! Very happy with this! Thankyou very much Betty! :D

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Betty White... Success!!! - November 20th, 2017
Sent my request 1st week of October and received the autographed picture after 3 weeks!

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Betty White SUCCESS! - September 28th, 2017
This is my fourteenth TTM autograph and my eighth success of 2017! {??} This one took a bit longer than some of the other successes for her that I've seen and I was starting to get a little worried as I heard that some people never got anything back from her at all, but I'm glad that it's finally here and it's definitely worth the wait! ... 9z0ch.html ... 2_1280.jpg Sent: 7/12/17 Received: 9/28/17 I sent a photo, a letter of request, and a self-addressed envelope to: Betty White P.O. Box 491965 Los Angeles, CA 90049-8965 USA Thank you, Fanmail! {??}

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Betty White Success! - September 7th, 2017
Not my first TTM success per say but my first using the address from this website. I sent a LOR, a picture, and SASE to Ms. Betty White for her to sign and I also included a small gift of her in her Golden girls days to give her just to show my appreciation for her work for making me laugh so much. Sent in May and Arrived early September today on 7th of September. From US to Malaysia. Address used: Betty White P.O. Box 491965 Los Angeles, CA 90049-8965 USA Uploaded with ###://

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Betty White Success! - August 1st, 2017
I sent a SASE to Betty (Betty White P.O. Box 491965 Los Angeles, CA 90049-8965 USA on 6/24/17, and got my picture back, signed), on 6/24/17, and got it back on 7/31/17. She kept some of the thin, cardboard protection boards I used to protect the picture, so it got a bit dented. However, it wasn't too bad, and the wife is happy! (Happy wife= Happy life!) Uploaded with ###:// Uploaded with ###://

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