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Allisyn Ashley Arm success - April 13th, 2012
Sent: 3/2/12 LOR, SAE Received: 4/13/12 Personalized 8x10 photo Address: Allisyn Ashley Arm c/o L.Marks P.O. Box 517 Cedar Glen, CA 92321-0517 USA Photo: -

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Allisyn Ashley Arm Success - November 7th, 2011
Sent: August 25th What? Letter of appreciation requesting for autograph Recieved: An 8x10 Personalized autographed photo I am very happy with this success because I have waited to long and i thought that Ive never get my autograph!! But on November 2nd, 2011 I got my autograph in my mailbox, in a vanilla envelope.The autograph was indeed personalized and was signed in black sharpie.I think I used the address in the database.Im so sorry but im using a laptop and I do not have a scanner avaible! But please feel free to leave lots of comments, thanks!!

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Allisyn Ashley Arm 2 Success's - October 30th, 2011
In about 2010 I sent her a letter to: Allisyn Ashley Arm c/o Lynne Marks (Mgmt.) P.O Box 517 Cedar Glen,CA 92321 So then I forgot about it so I sent her a request on youtube in around March-April. So on Friday I get to letters in the mail One addresed to me and one just said my address. When I opened them the one addressed to me said " To Jaylah Best Wishes" then has a heart and her signature on it. The one that just had my address just has her signature. You can tell they are real because the signatures look slightly different. I accedently through away the envalope that doesnt have my name on it. But I have the one addressed to me and the 2 autographs. Here are the autographs: - - Here is the envalope: - -

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Allisyn Ashley Arm success - July 23rd, 2011
Today I received my second success from Allisyn Ashley Arm!! Send: LOR ,SASE Received: personalized autograph Send: June 5th received: July 23th autograph and envelope: -

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